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February 2019 #609

S: (mocking)
To what do we owe the pleasure?

Me: (accepting, since I hadn’t visited for 4 days)
Morning S. How’s he been?

S: Better
in his way. Still sick though.

Me: May I see him?

S: Yes.

Me: H?

(coughing) Darlin’.

Me: D’you want some coffee or bourbon? I have both.

I wouldn’t mind a glass.

Me: Bad night?

There have been worse.

Me: How was your weekend?

Quiet. I got up for a time… But I tire and get so damn cold.

Me: Chest infections are the worst for lingering. Kal’s still
coughing from that chest cold he had a few weeks ago.

(coughing) And your weekend?

Me: Very shiny. We walked around town and had lunch out. And Kal
bought me a Lei (fresh orchid flower necklace) and a red silk dress.

… (quietly) …You don’t have to visit you know.

Me: I know. I’m not saintly enough to do this out of obligation.
Besides, S needs someone other than you to be grumpy with.

S has a big heart, but not infinite patience.

Me: When I visit the Oast, I’ll be able to talk to you more

I’d like that. (sighing) …We invalids make poor

Me: Only when you’re too tired. Other times you sound like you.
…Should I leave you to rest?

I think so (coughing) Especially if S catches you slipping
me bourbon.

Me: Not sure I can cope with that level of sass and ire! Love
you H.

(coughing) Love you darlin’.

Source: Tales of Necromancy

by cnkguy
February 2019 #609

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