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February 2019 #608

S: You
never came back.

Me: Morning S. No, I’m sorry, I didn’t.

S: Hm.

Me: May I see him?

S: Yes.

Me: Thank you. …H?

(coughing but pleased) Darlin’!

Me: You seem brighter this morning.

A bath and a shave (coughing) can achieve miracles. Has S
given you coffee?

Me: No, but I have some, thank you.

…You tired?

Me: Mm, late nights and early mornings. How are you?

Restive. Perhaps it would be different for a writer, but
(coughing) I do not care to be so bedridden. I am not a man of great labours,
but the inactivity weighs upon me.

Me: Read, write, play cards – take up needlepoint?!

(laughing and coughing)

Me: Not sure what needlepoint is to be honest; some form of

What would I stitch on my sampler?

Me: ‘Everything Feeds The

I believe biblical quotations are more usual.

Me: When have either of us been usual?

(coughing) In our childhoods when we didn’t know better!
(seeing my wrist) O darlin’.

Me: It’s alright, they’re healing. Kal bought plasters laced
with some stuff that helps the skin grow faster.

I still think I should have words with him.

Me: I’d rather you didn’t, but so long as they’re not ‘all I
want from you is ten paces out in the street
’ then I won’t stop you.

H: How about nine?

Me: H!

(laughing and coughing)

Me: I know you’re still ill, but you seem so much better and I’m
so glad.

(still coughing) A man cannot help but heal with not one but
two ministering angels by his side.

Me: Neither S nor I are angels. But I’d quite like to be a
Seraphim with six wings, a thousand eyes, flaming hair, bellowing ‘be not
afeared!’ at everyone as they flee in horror…

(highly amused) I believe you would.

Me: I could call myself ‘Vengence’ and fight crime. Exploding
into an Old Testament angel – that would give criminals something to think

Vengeance is mine-

Me: Sayeth the Lord. Angels are god’s will made manifest, so


Me: Greek for ‘messenger’ – I’m not entirely uneducated.

I never said you were.

Me: No, but against your knowledge I feel so sometimes.

(coughing) Time moves on. You navigate the aether and
technology; the machines of the day. (coughing) Those are skills I lack.

Me: You’d pick them up in a second. If you were here.

Perhaps. Or I may find it all as ungovernable as you do
Latin or piano.

Me: I would have been slapped on the knuckles with a ruler so
much had I been educated when you were!

(coughing) In my experience, if the teacher is of quality
(coughing) they will impart knowledge to even the most stubborn of pupils.

Me: Point. My French teacher was so good my marks rose from a D
to a B+. If that’s not proof of concept I don’t know what is. …I’m tiring you

No darlin’.

Me: Yes I am. Will you take a little strength?

…Yes. … (coughing) Thank you.

Me: I should go. I love you H.

Love you darlin’.

Source: Tales of Necromancy

by cnkguy
February 2019 #608

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