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February 2019 #607

S: That
what you wear?

Me: Morning S. Over here on a Pacific island, yeah.

S: You
won’t take anyone to the dance looking like that.

Me: Probably not.

S: He
like your hair like that?

Me: He prefers it longer and a far lighter purple. But being a
gentleman, he hasn’t passed comment.

S: Ha!

Me: May I see him?

S: Yes.

Me: H?

(coughing) Darlin’. What was S giving you sass about?

Me: Most things. She seems distinctly less well-disposed towards
me this time.

She’s worried is all. And before, (coughing) you were at
liberty to stay here longer.

Me: Ah, okay. I’d be pissy in her place too. How are you feeling

(coughing) Better.

Me: You look a little better.

I may attempt a bath today.

Me: And a shave?

If S will oblige.

Me: She’d do anything for you, I think. …Damn it’s noisy here –
I hate disruption.

You are a witch of solitary habits (coughing) who enjoys

Me: I certainly dislike barking dogs and giant lawnmowers. It’s
too noisy to concentrate – I’m sorry H  I
have to go. I’ll be back in a bit.

Source: Tales of Necromancy

by cnkguy
February 2019 #607

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