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February 2019 #606

S: You
said Tuesday.

Me: I also said I wouldn’t visit before then and I did. I told you
– I can’t be precise. How is he?

S: He’s
no worse; hard to say he’s much better neither.

Me: And how are you, S?

S: I
ain’t got much to complain about.

Me: May I see H?

S: He
still asleep. Though I doubt he mind you woke him.


(coughing fit) …Darlin’.

Me: Coffee?

No thank you.

Me: How about some strength then?

So early in the morning?

Me: Only you could possibly make that sound lewd. (give

(coughing) Thank you.

Me: How have you been? – Shit – I think the cats are in the
front room destroying the landlady’s furniture.

Go see.

Me: It’s okay, they weren’t causing too much chaos.

…Never mind my tiresome lungs. How about you?

Me: I had a – I had a mixed weekend. Kal took me out for
breakfast on Sunday; we walked around town. He bought me a
pair of trousers and a shift-top. We sat in the Brewhaus and chatted over a
pint. It was a really lovely day. Back home we watched films… Then in the
evening we had an argument – I don’t know what about. But it was bad enough
that I picked up my scalpel. He grabbed it off me and refused to give it back.
Then he said ‘Fine!’, gave it to me, took out my Lightning, loaded a round into
the chamber and threatened to blow his brains out. Meanwhile I sat and wondered
what the fuck was going on.

(tightly) He should not have done that.

Me: No, he shouldn’t. But once he put it away again I shouldn’t
have done anything to my arm either… It’s not even that he was threatening to
kill himself that got me. It was that after two whiskeys and an argument, his
immediate answer to me wanting to bleed a bit was ‘fine then I’ll be dead!!’.
He also told me the Lightning wasn’t mine any more – ironic considering how
he’d behaved. …It was such a dumb way to end what had been a lovely day.

(coughing) I shall have words.

Me: Don’t – we both behaved like idiots – I’d rather forget the whole thing.

He should not behave that way.

Me: Darlin’, don’t worry about it… now I’ve made you unhappy. I
shouldn’t have told you.

He is supposed to protect you. Not threaten self-destruction
while you are bleeding.

Me: I wasn’t – that was after. He tried to nick my blade off me…

He’s a fool to seek to protect you from yourself (coughing)
if he managed to protect you from hurt you would never make an enemy of

Me: Perhaps. … What?

I am warring against my natural inclination.

Me: Which is?

To call him out. Although the irony (coughing) is too rich
for me to stomach.

Me: So what’s left when we’ve had our fill of irony?


Me: I’m not very good at hope.

You are a creature of it. (coughing) Pain too (coughing) but
few escape that.

Me: You’re waxing philosophical today.

Not much else to do in bed but think.

Me: Should I leave you to rest?

I am already supine, but you have the look (coughing) of a
witch plagued by distractions.

Me: Sadly, yes.

I shouldn’t keep you.

Me: You can keep me if you want!

I intend to.

Me: Love you darlin’.

Love you girl.

Source: Tales of Necromancy

by cnkguy
February 2019 #606

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