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February 2019 #604

Me: H?

S: Thought you said you wouldn’t come.

Me: I said I’d try; no promises, even if I wished to make them.
And I understand why you hate me for that.

S: (surprised)
Don’t hate you girl.

Me: I’m not good enough for him and I’m pretty sure you share
that view.

S: Girl…
You understand him – like I do. Few folk have.

Me: Were you in love with him?

S: O,
some, who wouldn’t! We courted each other with cards – a child’s game. But I
knew damn well, no matter his good regard… it didn’t matter. He was the first
boy to pay attention to me – to me!

Me: (understanding) He
treated you as an equal.

S: Yes.

Me: Respect and love are hard to distinguish between when you’ve
had little of either… Is he awake?

S: Mmhm.
(looking annoyed I’d made her forget she was angry with me)

Me: May I see him?

S: Yes.

(coughing) Darlin’… (coughing fit I gave strength to fix) …I
didn’t think I’d see you.

Me: Well, S
made it very clear if I didn’t want a skillet to the head I’d find time to

She is persuasive in her way.

Me: She is.

Thank you for making time.

Me: Couldn’t let my feminine virtues lapse – mopping fevered

(laughing and coughing as S bustles into the room)

S: She here again. Thought she had other things to be doing.

Me: Don’t be catty. I’m here, aren’t I? If you could manage not
to be pissed off towards me for achiecing the outcome we all wanted, I’d
appreciate it.

(coughing and amused) She has you there sugar.

S: (still
wanting to vent) You got voice to argue now? I don’t see why I don’t leave you
two to it-

Me: Please don’t. I can’t look after H as easily as you can.

S: Mm
that’s right!

Me: So please stay, and forgive my random commings and goings. I
know I’m not measuring up in your book – I understand entirely. But I am

She crosses oblivion without a thought.

Me: What?! No I don’t –

You do. How else do you get here?

Me: It’s – I – I don’t think it’s the same.

(to S) You make that journey
sugar? Near every day? I’m not certain I could.

Me: No – I’m pretty sure it’s fine for me. Not dangerous like it
is for you-

You sure?

Me: Of course I’m not!


S: …She still got hair like an eggplant. And how is it she has cats now?

Me: This is Tiresias.

(coughing) That kit likes to join in. Always has.

Me: She’s a witch’s cat.

S: Mmhm.
You can talk. (to H) I suppose she did her hoodoo.

Me: Yes.

S: You
wear him out if you stay.

Me: …Yes. I should leave
you both to your morning. H – love you. S – you’re amazing and exactly the
person I’d want looking after H when I can’t.

…Love you darlin’.

Source: Tales of Necromancy

by cnkguy
February 2019 #604

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