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February 2019 #602

Me: H?

S: You
blind here? I ain’t him.

Me: S! I’m glad you’re here.

S: Came
as soon as Dr S had your letter. Of course Aunt P would have packed me with
half the pantry and all of the medicine chest. There was some discussion of her
coming herself. But I says I’d be quicker.

Me: I’m glad the letter found you.

S: Came
just after lunch – stirred up a beehive of fuss.

Me: No helping that.

S: Mmhm.
He know you write me?

Me: We argued a little; in the end he gave in.

S: (trying
not to smile) Stubborn as a mule, that boy.

Me: Did you arrive this morning?

S: No,
last night before dark.

Me: How is he?

I never seen him this bad.

Me: I have. Once. Three years back I think. Pneumonia wore him
ragged all winter. At the same time, I’m not sure I’ve seen him this… frail

S: Men
never can look after themselves – mmhm!

Me: How’s he been?

S: Got
no air to make much trouble.

Me: He cough much?

S: Got
no air for that neither.

Me: That’s what worries me.

S: Mm.

Me: Do you have anything that night help?

S: Camphor
help him breathe. Honey laudanum help him rest. Hyssop an’ rosehip syrup for
the cough. An’ a ham hock for broth. Put a little meat on his bones.

Me: You’re well stocked then!

S: Mmhm.

Me: Would you like some coffee or some bourbon?

S: (primly)
No, thank you. You picking bad habits from him now?

Me: He did tell me gentlemen were shocking purveyors of bad
habits, so maybe I am.

S: Mm…
…Don’t look so down. They told him two years was all he had. He lasted another
twenty. He too stubborn to throw them chains off for a damn cough!

Me: Good point.

S: I’m
smarter than folks credit me. Save him. He always said I was sharp as a new tack.

Me: He’d be right.

S: Mmhm!

Me: Can I get you anything? Or do anything?

S: I
got it in hand.

Source: Tales of Necromancy

by cnkguy
February 2019 #602

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