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February 2019 #599

(coughing fit) Darlin’.

Me: Morning.


Me: No, thank you, I have some. How are you this morning?

Tired. Convalescent. And tired of being so.

Me: Kal would sympathize. Although I think he’s being a little
over-dramatic about his chest-cold.

(teasing) I thought that was a
feminine virtue?

Me: What?

The mopping of fevered brows!

Me: (rolling my eyes) Kal
didn’t have a fever. …Did you write to Aunt P?

Yes, I did.

Me: How are your many relatives?

(coughing) Well. E is struggling with something by Schubert.
I suspect it is not to her taste or else she would have mastered it. My mother
is sewing a new dress for E. My aunt and S are pickling all manner of things in
a great many jars. … I have been invited to stay until the thaw. Uncle J and
cousin R have offered to drive the buggy to collect me. They blame the colder
weather for my health.

Me: Will you take them up on their offer?

(coughing) No. I believe the worst is done with. Besides, I
hate to be fussed over when I’m regaining the strength to manage my affairs for
myself again.

Me: I can see how that would be wearing.

And it’s all the worse for being well-meant. … S may visit.

Me: A social call or to try to force feed you soup?

I believe that depends on the alacrity of my recovery.

Me: Ha! There’s incentive for you.

You look tired darlin’.

Me: I am. I can go two days on sod-all sleep but it always
catches up with me on the third day. I really
want to sleep. Ideally curled up with you and the cats.

I have no objection to the proposal – save that the sofa
will not hold us both with attendant felines.

Me: …Care to join me here then?


Source: Tales of Necromancy

by cnkguy
February 2019 #599

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