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February 2019 #596

Darlin’. I wondered when you’d visit.

Me: Sorry. Kal’s only
just gone back to work. How are you?

(coughing) After a miserable few weeks the devil has eased
off some.

Me: Thank fuck for that.

I am spent however, and lord how my chest does ache.

Me: Is your throat ulcerated from coughing?

No, thankfully. But I find I am cold and tired all the time,
like an old man. An unfair punishment as I was never allotted my three score
years and ten.

Me: Have the kits fussed over you at least?

O, yes. The snow is still deep so they delight in piling on
me. It helps banish the cold.

Me: And makes you smile?

(coughing) And makes me smile. Where are my manners –

Me: No, thank you, I have some. Stay by the stove. I didn’t know
cozy could look so debonair but you’ve managed it.

Girl, you’re absurd (coughing). I have perfected nesting.

Me: Quilts, bourbon, books and cigarettes?

(coughing) Yes. It is similar to remaining in bed, save I
must dress and may tell myself I was assiduous in my duties.

Me: You’re neither lazy nor an invalid ‘cos you got dressed?

Yes. Pathetic, truth be told, but one must take one’s
victories where one finds them.

Me: I’ve missed you. But this morning it felt so long since we’d
spoken I thought you wouldn’t want to speak to me.

Please don’t ever prolong your absence thinking I’d welcome
that. Your absences are my least welcome part of this whole arrangement.

Me: I’ll endeavor to remember that.

(coughing) Please do so.

Me: What will you do today?

Indulge in convalescence and struggle not to call it
idleness. (coughing) You?

Me: The editorial column – it’s ground to a halt. I have to get
it going again or abandon it entirely.

Will you?

Me: Ask me tomorrow.

Source: Tales of Necromancy

by cnkguy
February 2019 #596

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