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Falling out of bed.

chelsieoftime-blog submitted:

This is the scariest thing that has happened to me. I’ve had a few scary experiences, the latest in 2011, but this was the worst.

I was eight years old, living with my mom, two little sisters, and my older brother.

We were all young when this happened, my brother was nine, and my sisters four and six. Our house was small so we shared a room with a bunk bed. My sisters and I were sleeping on the bottom bunk, and my brother on the top.

Okay, so everyone was asleep until we heard our youngest sister ask “Mommy?”

My brother and I woke up to see a woman "our mom", in the middle of the room.

Wanting attention I guess, I asked “mom” for a glass of water. The person left the room and was gone long enough for us to fall asleep. I was awoken by the person saying my name.

Groggy, I sat up and looked at her. She was standing awkwardly, bent over and holding out a glass of water. I felt afraid, as I was reaching for the glass because I realize this woman wasn’t our mom. A soon as I realized it, the woman and the glass disappeared. I was still reaching and fell out of the bed.

When I hit the floor I heard my brother shout “Chelsie get back in the bed! Hurry hurry hurry!”

I jumped back on the bed and saw my brother was standing on the top bunk and calling for our real mom and grandpa. He’d been wide awake and saw the whole thing.

My sisters woke up and heard us tell our papa what happened and no one slept that night.

We never saw the lady again, but our mom swears it wasn’t her.

Sorry this is so long, but its true.

Fuck Yeah Nightmares Mod Fey: 9/10 for scares and thank you for sharing!

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by cnkguy
Falling out of bed.

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