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F*** off Slenderman!

samiamxtytherium submitted:

I’ve had a few creepy experiences, sure. The only one that still makes me wonder to this day happened in middle school.

When I was around 15 I started developing headaches. Nasty ones, almost mirgrane like due to it running in the family. These would sometimes wake me up and cause me to lose sleep, so this was almost a common occurence. Usually, I’d just sit up in bed and look out the window of my second floor window. I’d fall asleep after a while.

One night during the summer, it happened again; I sat up with a splitting headache. I followed my usual routine, got some water and advil and watched the dark, street light illuminated sidewalk. It always carried a calming peace to it.

Tonight, something was off. Across the street on my neighbors sidewalk stood a lamppost, shining orange light down below.

Standing in the light, a lone figure. Rather tall, human (I guess?) and dressed in dark clothes I couldn’t make out. Due to the street light over head, it almost seemed like he had no face. He probably did, but the possibility that he didn’t still rang around my head.

I rubbed my eyes hard, making sure this wasn’t a trick of my eyes or the light.

Nope, this was real. And another unsettling discovery: He was looking at my house. And in particular, MY window. It wasn’t obvious, but the more I studied the male figure, I could feel a foreign gaze directed to me.

At this point, a few emotions were swimming in my head: Fear, confusion, bewilderment. But mostly, pain. Some conecction in my pain addled head said: “Psst, this guy is giving you this headache.” So thusly, Fear and Anxiety became overridden by annoyance. He was still unnerving and creepy, but I really didn’t want to stay up and be petrified by him.

SO, the next logical thing to do, was simple.

I flipped him off. And promptly fell back into bed. As humorous as this sounds, my head still pumped those fear induced chemicals in my head as I did this but the rest of me wanted to sleep and be free from my headache too, so…

Interestingly, and terrifyingly, the figure reacted. He tilted his head in a way that signifies he WAS looking directly at me, and also that he seemed offended. Almost like: “Uhm… Rude???”

The next morning, my headache was gone completely. Odd, because normally they have an after affect in the morning, but it was as if it never existed in the first place. I never saw this figure again, and tbh I hope I don’t.

Also: Slenderman, if that WAS you, I apolgize for flipping you off. If that was just some random dude, f*** you dude.

FYNK James: 7/10 Interesting strategy. Let’s see how it pays off.




by cnkguy
F*** off Slenderman!

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