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clearly-decaffinated submitted:

Ive never shared this with anyone in the way I’m about to share it now. This event happened when I was about eight or nine years old. My best friend at the time was a blonde haired girl that we’ll call Eve.

Eve slept over often, so much so more nights than not she was at my house. This particular day she had gone home after staying with us for two nights, and my room always felt a little eeire right after she left.

That night I woke up to my blankets being tugged on in a similar way a young child would tug on your clothes to get your attention. I rolled over at looked at the foot of my bed, and sitting, legs criss crossed on the floor at the foot of my bed, was a silhouette of a person. It turned in my direction, and the light of my nightlight lit up it’s features.

It resembled a girl, but it was nowhere near human. It had blonde hair and looked very similar to Eve, so much so I remember sitting up in bed, blinking hard and whispering in confusion, “Eve?” Because I distinctly remembered her going home that day.

I didn’t get a response and my eyes were still blurry with sleep so I rubbed them with the backs of my hands and as my vision became clearer and my eyes refocused on the thing at the foot of my bed, I was paralyzed with white hot fear that left me feeling rooted to the spot.

Wherein Eves eyes were blue, this things eyes were a burning, almost diseased looking yellow. The iris’s looked too small and where the white parts of the eyes should have been was completely black. It was looking up at the ceiling and its eyes were darting around frantically, never once focusing on me, almost like it couldn’t see me. There was no color in it’s face, completely and unnaturally white other than the gray veins running up it’s neck and onto it’s hollowed out cheeks.

Despite it’s absolutely horrific appearance, I remember being most horrified at this next bit; the fact that it had it’s fists wrapped in my yellow quilt, and disturbingly, was shoving one blanket wrapped fist into it’s mouth that was stretched unnaturally wide. It was what was causing the tugging sensation that woke me up.

I could hardly comprehend what I was seeing it was so disturbing, so sickening, all I could do was stare. The next part is a blur of adrenaline because suddenly it’s eyes snapped away from the ceiling to look directly at me. Locking eyes with it was enough to free me from my fear induced paralysis and I launched myself screaming bloody murder toward my door, straight down the hall and into my parents room.

I was hysterical, and they couldn’t get me to calm down so I ended up sleeping in the lazy boy recliner they had in their bedroom that night and the next one after that. I returned to my own bedroom after those two nights and to this day I am awakened by the slightest of sound or movement.

I’m almost 20 now. I don’t know what I saw that night and I don’t care to find out. I had lots of weird experiences I can’t explain at that house, but none of them nearly that terrifying.

Also, before people start claiming sleep paralysis is to blame, I sat up, rubbed my eyes, yawned, and spoke to whatever it was at the foot of the bed and remained in a sitting position until I ran. I was 100% awake and about my wits.

FYNK James: 8/10 What a strange, scary entity. I dig this one a lot. Thanks for sharing the scares!




by cnkguy

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