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felthief submitted:

Okay, so on the topic of imaginary friends, this literally JUST Happened. I’m gonna start with some background though.

My oldest niece is named Alicia. My parents have had custody of her since she was born, practically, so she’s like my little sister. When she was 2, her mom moved away from us and we haven’t seen much of her since. We hear about her through extended family etc. Well, when Alicia was about three, she started talking about this friend of hers, named Emma.

It was quickly apparent that Emma wasn’t a real person, seeing as, according to Alicia, she lived with us. But she talked about Emma constantly, and we were good natured and played along with it.

We heard a lot about Emma. What she liked, what she didn’t, what games they played, etc, and it was never really strange because even me and my sister had imaginary friends as kids. Nothing weird about it. Right?

Well, you’d think. However, my aunt just called to tell us about how Alicia’s 3-year-old sister, Lexie, is doing. Alicia and Lexie live very far apart (Lexie lives roughly 9 hours away from us because that’s where her mother lives), and have only met a couple of times. In those times, Emma was never mentioned.

Lexie has a new imaginary friend she’s been talking about a lot lately.

Her name is Emma.

(Not gonna lie, when my dad got off the phone and told me, I got chills.)

Fuck Yeah Nightmares Mod James: 5/10 Children are the spookiest people.  Thanks for sharing the scares!




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