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Elderly Lady

arinkia submitted:

  I live in a hundred some year old farmhouse that is maybe some fifty feet from a busy highway in southern Wisconsin which has seen a lot of crashes. There has been quite a few deaths around the highway due to the crashes and a death or two in the house itself.

My parents bought the house and I have never lived anywhere else and lo and behold, our 100 year house has some creepy things going on. In fact my childhood is often riddled with events that I simply can’t explain.

The previous owner of the house was an elderly lady who died somewhere in our dining room due to her old age. My parents are convinced that she never left and stayed around. They stated often that when I was born the activity, which consisted of slamming doors and footsteps came almost every night until I learned to scale the gate that blocked my bedroom door (I was something of an escape artist when I was younger).

For the most part I hardly believed them about the elderly lady. I was so used to my areas of the house that anything strange didn’t really pop out at me until both my parents went to Tennessee for my Dad’s job and they had deemed me old enough to stay by myself for several months.

It was a month after they left that I heard and felt the front door open and slam close. I didn’t really react because the way my room was positioned in the house I had a clear view of the front yard and I could feel the door through the floor of my room, and my sister had a tendency to drop by our house after she was done with her job or some errand in nearby Portage.

I hadn’t seen her in a week so I dropped everything and went down stairs to see her. I couldn’t find her anywhere in the house and when I checked outside her car wasn’t there. So I figured that she had run in and out before I could get her, she’s done it before.

That was until several days later the back door opened and slammed close. Since my Dad had left for his job, I kept the back door locked with a dead bolt and I hadn’t even touched since he left.

I thought someone had broken in! I had a plate in my hand (I was making dinner, don’t judge me), prepared to smash whoever gotten in to find out that the door was still locked. I was freaked out because I had heard and felt the small breeze of a door being opened. I looked closer and saw that the deadbolt wasn’t all the way in place and I know I had shut it all the way.

I did not sleep well that night, not only because the door but I kept hearing footsteps going up and down our creaky stairs. My cat was even sitting in front of my bedroom door, head cocked to the stairs as the steps cycled through! I had never seen him do that before.

This kept happening and eventually I got used to it. I never got hurt and so far all that was happening was moving doors and footsteps. Then I noticed a pattern.

My parents and one of my Uncles had fought over who would buy the house and the large metallic sheds that were on the 2 acres. They settled it with my parents getting the house and my Uncle with the sheds, where he ran his business. Our family has constantly been fighting with this Uncle and several times I had or almost been injured by my Uncle’s actions.

My Uncle and his men worked at odd hours of the day and where constantly leaving and going, sometimes coming close to our house where we had warned them not to. In fact we believe they had come into our house when we weren’t there, when we found several important items missing and the back door not closed all the way (a reason for the deadbolt).

I noticed that when they pulled in at odd times, I would hear doors open and close until I came down stairs. The same thing would happen with the footsteps if I was in my room and made no effort to see what was going on.

I didn’t really put it together until sometime in May. I was doing a last minute school paper upstairs in my room when the whole house just shook due to a slamming door. I rushed down stairs into the kitchen when I noticed that the back door’s deadbolt wasn’t all the way in again.

I tugged the door open to see my Aunt, who worked with my Uncle, holding a UPS package with my Mom’s name on it. We had something of a staring contest before she set it down on the porch, scowled at me and walked back down to the sheds.

I hadn’t realized it but my Aunt had been stealing our packages from our porch, saying that she was checking them to see if any were theirs. She kept them for a while, checked out what they were before returning them some weeks later. We’re still missing a few though.

I told my parents what happened when they got back for my Graduation in June. They looked at each other happily and said that the Elderly Lady was looking after me like she did when I was a toddler. They said that their long absence from the house and me being myself triggered her into activity.

They said that when the activity was going strong when I was younger, I was usually asleep or by myself. Apparently the Elderly Lady liked me a lot and was determined to look after me while my parents were away.

She becomes more active when I’m alone for more than a day.

Fuck Yeah Nightmares Mod Fey: What a great spirit to help out like that! 7/10 for scares and thank you for sharing!

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Elderly Lady

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