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Eaton Theater in Charlotte, Michigan:The ​Eaton #Theater in…

Eaton Theater in Charlotte, Michigan:

The ​Eaton #Theater in #Charlotte, #Michigan was constructed in 1931 by Rick Eaton, whose #spirit allegedly #haunts the location. According to #legend, Mr. Eaton was found #dead by a fellow employee after falling from one of the theater’s balconies. Another spirit said to haunt the old theater is that of Mr. Eaton’s wife, who committed #suicide shortly after her husband’s death. Although these events are unable to be verified, many employees and moviegoers over the years have reported encountering the #apparitions of a man and woman, believed to be Mr. and Mrs. Eaton.

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Source: Ghost Quest USA

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Eaton Theater in Charlotte, Michigan:The ​Eaton #Theater in…

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