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D'ya ever feel like somebody’s watchin’ ya?

brat-demon submitted: 

My final big story. Which happened in the middle of my “hanging out in the attic” events before I completely ditched staying up there alone the winter after this happened. It was summer and I was just 16, Gunner (our old cat) had passed away, we were without cats at the time and we still had our dogs. I woke up to my tv all snowy and staticky. I hadn’t even had the tv on when I fell asleep the night before. It was just after the sun rose and it was about 5 in the morning. Wide awake (rare for me, I can barely wake up at 9 am).

My heart is racing and I’m so god damned confused and alert and aware of something in the room. The TV switches suddenly back to Cartoon Network and bugs bunny is on. I watch for a moment, trying to catch my breath. There’s no way I’m going back to bed, so I get up and go into my moms room. I wake her up and tell her what happened.

“You were sleeping, go back to sleep” of course she didn’t believe me! My mom is a hardcore skeptic. I don’t even think she believes in aliens.

I make my way downstairs and grab a bowl of cereal and turn the tv on to finish the episode of bugs and I’m relaxing, feeling a bit better about everything. The episode is the one where he gets messed up with that mad scientist who makes a Frankenstein monster of sorts and tries to kill bugs. Bugs addresses the audience “hey, d’ya ever feel like somebody’s watchin’ ya?”. I freeze as I hear three MASSIVE stomps in the hallway. BOOMBOOMBOOM, like someone is charging down the hall, a show of strength of sorts. The “you wanna go?” Stomp. I inhale and in the next exhale I hear a growl from my right in the bathroom, whereas the hallway is in the left.

Pinpricks, racing heart, that feeling of just before passing out is roaring through me within milliseconds. Everyone always talks about fight/flight in times of danger. Im a freeze and submit person. I can’t even swallow the cereal in my mouth, I can barely move.

I’m waiting for that tension bubble to pop. I’m waiting for something else to happen. Nothing did. Like someone popped a bubble with a needle, the tension broke and I was back to normal in a second, I felt nothing from the room. Nothing big, scary, “let’s scare the baby sister” happened again since. I think it/he/she comes around when it’s bored tbh.

Another random fact about the house. I took a taxi from a concert once, the only taxi I’ve ever taken actually. He was an older dude, around 70 I think. When I told him my street name, he paused and kinda laughed. As we got closer and I pointed out the house, he was shocked and told me that his mother was one of the first people to ever live in the house. Weird, right?

James: 9/10 Damn that bug’s bunny part is scary! Thanks for sharing the scares!




by cnkguy
D'ya ever feel like somebody’s watchin’ ya?

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