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thefreakoutsideyourwindow submitted:

So the other night something weird happened to me. I live in the English countryside, relatively new house, nothing scary has really ever happened to me. The other night I was heading up to my bedroom to fetch my boyfriend’s pyjamas (my sister and I share a room so we were setting an inflatable bed downstairs in the living room for me and my boyfriend). 

Since my sister was already asleep, I had to fumble around the room a bit before I could climb into my bed and grab my flashlight. The room layout is like this: there are 2 raised bunk beds, and our clothes are stored beneath it. I’m facing away from my sister’s bed, towards my own. As I’m debating whether I can grab the pjs in the dark or not, something wet and lukewarm drips onto my right foot. 

Thinking it was just my water bottle leaking, I rubbed my wet foot behind my left leg so that it could dry off quicker and go to grab my flashlight. I check my bottle – nothing’s leaking. I look underneath by bed – nothing is dripping from it. There are some bags on the floor, but nothing has spilled from them and nothing holds liquids. 

I’m confused, to say the least. My hands were dry, my hair was dry (I’d washed it that morning) and anything with liquids was far out of reach. I went back downstairs and handed the pjs to my boyfriend, who was equally confused when I told him. I couldn’t see anything on my feet, so presumably it was clear. My dad joked to check the ceiling (I didn’t earlier when the stuff dripped onto me), which I soon went up and did – also dry. 

I’m not sure I like the thought of something crawling around on the ceiling when I sleep on a bunk bed. 

Any thoughts as to what this could be?

James: 5/10 I don’t know what to tell you, something was hanging from your ceiling and drooling on you, buddy. Thanks for sharing!




by cnkguy

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