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Don’t Talk

jxlixnnxx submitted:

it was summer of freshman year, I was 15 and it was pretty dark outside. I was sleeping over at a friends house, it was me and him and two other girls. He said he got an ouija board on eBay and it was like 100 years old and it was made in Pakistan. All of us have played ouija board before but nothing terrifying happened. This time was different, when we played I instantly got a bad feeling for some reason, I felt it in my gut. We didn’t say anything because right when we started playing it spelt out stuff. It said something like, “Dont talk. I’m helping you. Pull me around the board.” We didn’t want to pull them around the board because that meant that we would release the spirit. We told them that we wouldn’t pull them around the board. He then spelt out, “Okay. Then stop playing ouija board right now.” Us being stupid we didn’t listen and said goodbye to this spirit and continued playing. We asked the spirit what his name was. He said his name was Belial, he kept asking for us to release him and we kept saying no. He started saying vulgar stuff at us. He said that he hated me. I asked “do you hate anyone else here or just me?” He said “just you.” I was pretty startled and wanted to say goodbye but my friends have convinced me to keep playing. He then told me that there was an axe behind me. He said to look behind me. I have to state where we sitting because this is an important part of the story. Me and one of the friends were sitting on one side of the ouija. And the other two on the other side. the two on the other side, their eyes were opened really wide and they looked really terrified. My friend and I kept yelling, “WHATS WRONG?” They were shaking and so me and my friend turned around. We saw an axe but it didn’t even look like a solid figure. It was phantom like. My friends rushed to turn the light back on. I’m pretty sure I shitted myself.

FYNK James: 7/10. You were not being smart there. There were like 30 times you should have stopped. Thanks for sharing the scares!




by cnkguy
Don’t Talk

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