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Do Fairies Exist?

When I became a paranormal investigator my main goal was to gather scientific proof that ghosts really do exist. Thanks to my fellow investigators we have done just that. Along the way we also encountered mystical creatures who exist beyond our realm who cross over into ours but only seen by a handful of people. The creature that has mystified us the most are fairies. Different cultures know fairies by many names fey, fae, elf, pixie or good folk, wee folk and people of peace.

I do believe in the supernatural but I am also someone who believes that if things cannot be proven through science then I cannot say for sure if they really do exist. About a year ago I read an article about University Lecturer John Hyatt who actually captured some amazing photographs that can only be described as tiny humanoids with wings, or fairies. His photographs created a huge debate between believers of the supernatural and the scientific community. In my opinion these photographs deserved to be researched further.

Do Fairies Exist?
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What is a fairy?

According to the experts fairies are mystical spirits who are the great protectors of nature and all it has to offer, especially flowers. The first known encounter was during medieval times in Western Europe. Pop culture has made us all believe that fairies are tiny feminine winged creatures but the truth is no one knows for sure because of their ability to hide in plain sight. They are also believed to have special powers and are capable of casting a spell. But be warned they are not to be captured or studied by man because they do not exist for the pleasures of human curiosity. Fairies are very particular about who they appear to but two members of our paranormal group are lucky enough to have made a connection.

I still wasn’t sure how I felt about the possibility of the existence of fairies, that is until we photographed one during an investigation at the Elmira Cemetery located in Vacaville, Ca. and realized there was a whole other world out there full of mystery, magic and beautiful creatures.

This photograph was taken by a member of our group.

Do Fairies Exist?

Our second encounter with fairies was during an investigation at my friend Lynn’s house who lost her husband a year earlier. These photographs were taken by my group and after exhausting all of our resources to debunk our findings we have concluded that we have had yet another encounter with the illusive fairies.


After our encounters with the fairies in Lynn’s house we learned that fairies do not show themselves to just anyone without a purpose. Our first encounter with fairies was with my niece who had been going through a lot of turmoil at that time. They chose Lynn the second time, some believe that the fairies have been with her all along but chose to cross over into our world because of the intense sadness she was feeling over the loss of her husband. Personally I believe the fairies are showing themselves to Lynn because of her unique and child like soul. Lynn has a wonderful connection to Tinker bell and all fairies who have a connection to Disneyland. It’s her open mind to all things magical that have attracted fairies to her in the first place.

None of us are under the illusion that real fairies are like those depicted in the movies and Disneyland but they do create an atmosphere like no other and I have no doubt that they feel right at home with Lynn. Learning about her special connection Lynn decided to become a member of our paranormal group so that she could have a better understanding as to why the fae have chosen her.

Lynn’s first investigation in the field was at the Mare Island Cemetery. It was no surprise to us that she was able to photograph fairies that night.

Do Fairies Exist?

Lynn is now trying to be more aware of the fae, to learn more about them, how to please them, because now she knows without a doubt that there is a higher power at work here. Now she is to learning to open her mind to be receptive to their energies while working closely with our new member Justin Ferrell who is an expert on all things mystical.

One final piece I wanted to share is a video that was captured in England. The video is quite spectacular but I will let you decide for yourself.

One lesson I have learned when it comes to the supernatural is keep an open mind but question everything, the answers to unbelievable findings are there if we look hard enough. The one thing I know for sure is that fairies have had an amazing impact on my friend at the time when she needed it the most just by believing in something magical beyond our world.

“I believe in everything until it’s disproved. So I believe in fairies, the myths, dragons. It all exists, even if it’s in your mind. Who’s to say that dreams and nightmares aren’t as real as the here and now?”
― John Lennon

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Do Fairies Exist?

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