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Did you see that guys face?!

fromyourdesperatefriend submitted:

So I have noo idea what to call this experience it happened a few years ago when I was 15. I was at the mall with my friend Lauren and we were just walking around but we were stuck behind this other group of people around my age. Coming toward us in the crowd of oncoming people was a pale man with black hair wearing a grey suit. Normally I wouldn’t have noticed this man but things were off about him. His suit was too big and he was walking weird like he was dragging himself, his black hair was greasy looking and just unkept but what really caught my attention was his face. His eyes were like black holes like there was nothing behind the blackness but like larger than normal eyes, about the size of touching your middle finger to your thumb and his mouth open he had no teeth it was just another solid black hole. The skin of his face looked like it was sliding off I can’t even describe it just like drooping down. I was speechless as he walked past me paying me no mind but as soon as he was out of eyesight I asked my friend if she saw that but she said she didnt notice. A girl in the group infront of me  turned to her friends yelling if they had seen that mans faces but they didn’t notice either. I just gave her the same look she had on and me and my friend went a different way I don’t know what that “man” was but I think about him a lot. 

FYNK James: 7/10 Oh yeah, that was just me walking around in public. Sorry if I spooked you.




by cnkguy
Did you see that guys face?!

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