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crimson-daze submitted:

* this entire dream was very realistic even the mirror part was very realistic and i still have the images in my head to this day..

I had this dream when i was like 4 or 5(now 16) and I still remember it very very vividly. I remember this dream was really realistic to the point where i didnt know i was dreaming. So when i was 4 or 5 i slept with my parents in there room. So you know when you have dreams and its suppose to be  your house, but it isnt really your house. this dream was NOT like this at all. This was an exact replica of my house. Anyways, In the dream I woke up (in my parents room) just where I was when I fell asleep. Got up walked down the hall into the bathroom. I didnt turn on the light i just looked into the mirror. What i saw wasn’t my reflection, but it was me with horns and my face was super distorted, and there were multiple me’s all the way down the mirror. and they/me were all screaming this really piercing scream. In my dream i was completely unphased. I walked back to my parents room and went back to sleep (still in the dream).  now ive told this story to a few of my close friends, b/c its hard to tell. but i leave out the ending b/c it gets to me. But my mom later told me i got up and walked ot the bathroom in the middle of the night.(she didnt hear the toilet flush thats why she brought it up, im guessing).

I Just think its very odd for a 4 or 5 year old to have that dark of a dream. My mom hates horror and didnt even let me watch suit life of zack and cody until i was 8. She thought it was too old for me when it first came out. Basically idk how i came up with such darkness at such a young age. And idk why i remembered that dream for 11 years.

Fuck Yeah Nightmares Mod James: 8/10 Wild! Especially that part where your mom said you got up during the night and went to the bathroom. Thanks for sharing the scares!




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