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Demon of ncb

bloodywho Submitted:

We’ll start off with that this happened while I was still living in Haiti, and I was in school at the time and for as long as i live i will stand by what i saw, and have possibly happened to me.

anyways I was in second grade, and my school the way it’s  made is that it’s separated into four parts first graders, 2-6, 7-10, and 11-12, so it was pretty huge. I asked my teacher to go to the bathroom because I was pretty bored, I went down stairs and decided to skip around.  In the section that separated the first graders from us, there was a dark square hole incapable for a human to fit through there. I noticed something move in it, I quickly dismissed it as my overactive imagination but somehow I was fixated on the square hole.

Something started to appear out of the hole, at first I wasn’t sure what it was but I realized it wasn’t something but someone. Two pairs of glimmering red eyes were staring back at me, and I wanted to scream and run but I couldn’t.

I quickly realized that the thing was trying to come out of the hole, his head started to appear and there were a pair of horns on his head-yes horns, like Satan horns i kid you not- and h was smiling at me and i was just standing there watching him when all of a sudden a voice told me to run and never look back. I ran and ran until I reached the bathrooms and sealed the door after me, I was too paralyzed and scared I must have passed out next thing I know my teachers were telling me I had been gone for hours. But the thing was  the door that I had “locked” behind me wasn’t my best friend to this day told me that they found it opened, i don’t think I ever reached the bathrooms in the first place because when I was running there was this constant force pulling me back.

Fuck Yeah Nightmares Moderator Gracie: 8/10 Wow what an experience! Thanks for the chills and scares!




by cnkguy
Demon of ncb

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