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Declarations of haunted love


I am with you in the burned out factory, in the basement, in the pipe bomb crater from the last war. Just look for me, oh look! I will be that silent electricity in the air, that catch of the frosted breath, and you will the reason. All you need do is raise me. And think what we could do together, the life that we could make. If you want me to write in blood I will. I will write you a poem inside a clot inside the black heart of the wolf, as he dies in the snow on the mountainside. From secret reliquaries I have the crumbling blood of a thousand fake Christs. I will wet it up to paint your portrait. I will give you things that nobody owns. Oh, I will be generous. I will give you Saturn and the Northern Lights. I will give you Love, the abstract concept, and for a giddy year or so we will keep Love to ourselves in our haunted submarine, and nobody will be able to use it in the movies. I will plot us a course free from mirrors, from whales, from the light of the moon. I will plot us a course that threads the seven seas around. And we will still write letters, I from my cabin and you from yours, and in our letters to each other we will burn cities and make them over again each morning. And we will still meet at night on the white beaches of distant islands and make lightning together. I will make you a tarot of glass that we can keep in some attic together, a host of glittering portraits to keep us young. And when in the end you are all over sideways I will be colours and light for you; I will make you the stars; I will draw for you constellations in indigo so fine that you will never miss the real ones. I will curl bluishly in the duck egg of your final dreams, and in the end either you will close my eyes or I will close yours, and our commingled ashes will be a shocking grey; a grey like the dawn on that morning when an apocalypse arrives uninvited and no-one knows what to do with it.

Source: Tales of Necromancy

by cnkguy
Declarations of haunted love

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