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December 2018 #579

(Continued from #578)

Do you wish to speak on what brings you here at this hour?

Me: No. I
don’t think it’s fair on anyone if I tell you. And there’s nothing to be done
anyway, so…

(upset and angry as he perceives Kal to blame)

Me: No. Kal is my friend – always. It’s just that money and sex
and children and how much we’re supposed to have of any of them – that’s what
causes strain. We don’t always want the same thing so someone has to capitulate.
I do; I’m certain he has too.

To what?

Me: This isn’t a fun conversation.

(coughing) You opened the wound – let it drain.

Me: Metaphorically – not all over your damn floor!

(coughing) The pine’s taken worse. … You can’t tug that
collar any higher or the coat closed any tighter.

Me: So all I’m doing is interrupting your sleep to be angst-ridden
in your coat. Fuck.

Darlin’, you’re the only one complaining.

Me: …Despite the inertia
of time in the Stormlands, what would you like the new year to bring?

(coughing and gesturing for another shot of whiskey) The
best of life.

Me: Specifically!

You haven’t read my cards.

Me: True. Would you like them now or would you rather wait ‘til
I’m in a fit state – or at least clothed?

Let’s wait.

Me: (tugging coat tighter)

Darlin’, what are you trying to hide?

Me: Me.

From all?

Me: Yes! …I don’t want to show anyone… but if you see me, I
don’t mind.

(coughing) Darlin’, tell me the hurt – (coughing) – I may not
be able to cure it, but the telling often salves.

Me: No, not this evening, thank you. I should sleep and let you
do the same.

Do I receive no say?

Me: What would you say?

(coughing) Return my coat. Or let me claim it.

Me: …In a sexy way or in a curl up and sleep way?

(amused) You’re drunk and I’m
dead – it would be immoral.

Me: Smart arse. You’re welcome to curl up with me. If your lungs
or my inebriation can cope with further I’d be surprised but am up for the

Source: Tales of Necromancy

by cnkguy
December 2018 #579

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