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December 2018 #578

Darlin’… I have a spare nightshirt.

Me: I didn’t mean to be lewd – Kal’s asleep and I didn’t want to
wake him finding clothes.

Are you cold darlin’?

Me: A little.

(coughing) Give me a moment … (H puts the coat he sewed the
bedlam badge to around my shoulders)

Me: Thank you. (trying not to cry) Jesus brain, stop making a

Has no other man ever given you his coat?

Me: Sort of, but it’s never worked out.

(coughing) O?

Me: I was dressed like a saloon girl but perfectly warm; I
didn’t want the boy’s coat and he ended up chasing me round Cambridge with it.
Or there was another boy who gave me his coat, but later watched in silence as
I left it on the beach at midnight and tried to drown myself.

(coughing) When?

Me: Before your time. Or I’ve been stood on a freezing roadside
for hours and none of the boys I was with offered… Maybe that’s why I have so
many coats. If I have the perfect one for every occasion I won’t have to rely
on anyone’s kindness.

(coughing) Darlin’…

Me: I’m sorry. I came to wish you a happy new year, but it’s not
going how I intended.

(leaning over to light a cigarette from my candle causing
the flame to ebb and dance)

Me: Would you like me to go?

No. No, I would not. Have you any bourbon?

Me: Yes. (I pour a shot and return the bottle to the floor before
offering him the glass)

It is disturbing how you seem to put it through the bed. Not
so disturbing that I wouldn’t – (smiles, toasts me, drinks. Coughs and smiles
again) I am not one to complain, but how is it I have a naked sorceress in my
coat on my bed, offering me bourbon?

Me: Offering?!


Source: Tales of Necromancy

by cnkguy
December 2018 #578

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