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December 2018 #577

(coughing and turning away from a large wooden chest) Darlin’.
Not your usual time.

Me: I didn’t feel well this morning so went back to be: slept ‘til noon
and feel fine now.

I’m glad to hear it.

Me: How was your morning?

Breakfast was not a grand affair.

Me: Coffee, bourbon and a cigarette?

(sheepish) … Yes. A distressing lack of conversation over
coffee followed. Rum did his best, but conversation is not a feline’s forte.
Then I bathed and shaved, and began to search the linen press.

Me: Found anything so far?

Lady’s handkerchiefs. A silver locket. Various cravats and
neck ties which I do not recall. A very handsome shirt in deep blue.

Me: I like the sound of that.

I’ve found that stronger colours tend to exacerbate the pallor
of my skin. Make me look more unwell than I am.

Me: Pity. I can imagine you in TARDIS blue.

(standing) I shall try it on.

Me: Bite her! Sorry – Andromeda keeps picking fights with Tiresias – Tiresias is
unhappy about it.

Time for the guest to leave no doubt.

Me: Tiresias certainly thinks so.

(turning towards me) Well?

Me: I like it – I like it very much.

I don’t appear ghoulish?

Me: (laughing) If I
had something to throw at you I would! You look exceptionally smart.

Alright then; my sorceress has spoken!

Me: (as he changes shirts back) You’re getting too thin again.

(offhand) Winter weight.

Me: Wretch! … What are you most hoping to find in there?

(smiling) A black silk gown striped with silver.

Me: That would be a neat trick. With long black lace fingerless gloves
to match, I hope?

Of course! And patent leather boots.

Me: Ha!

And a black silk choker with Bedlam’s star in silver. An opera
cape too: velvet, lined in shot grey silk, edged with glass beads and jet and
black seed pearls.

Me: You’d have to do very well
at the tables to afford that sort of thing.

And with a witch’s luck, who’s to say I wouldn’t?

Me: Am I to hex every one else’s cards?

(magnanimous) I leave that entirely
at your discretion.

Me: You get me an outfit like that and I’ll hex everyone’s cards all day
and all night.

(smiling) I had no idea sorceresses were so mercenary.

Me: Only for you.

That is gratifying to hear.

Source: Tales of Necromancy

by cnkguy
December 2018 #577

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