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December 2018 #576

Darlin’, I had almost given up on you.

Me: Normally the landlady puts the dogs away and leaves before seven –
that’s my queue to get up. She didn’t this morning.

Has she taken sick?

Me: I don’t think so; think she’s just lying in before leaving for work.

You look better rested today.

Me: I did sleep ‘til noon yesterday – three whole hours. Thank you for
curling up with me.

(coughing and wickedly sarcastic) What a dread hardship it is to sleep in the arms of a sorceress!

Me: Wretch! How was the rest of your day?

I tackled the bureau.

Me: Find anything of note?

(coughing) A great many oddments.

Me: Such as?

Papers I’d written at college. Unfinished letters. A broken
gold chain. A pocket prayer book with flowers pressed between the pages. A
silver pencil from a chatelaine. A deck of cards with shaved edges. My
graduation photograph. A silk handkerchief and matching buttonhole. A box of
shirt studs and buttons.

Me: Was there any paperwork in there at all?

O yes, letters and correspondences. News sheet clippings, a
concert programme… The usual ephemera, I suppose.

Me: A useful afternoon?

An interesting one tinged with remembrance.

Me: Did the kits help you?

Burrowing in draws. Eating papers. Sitting on anything I
attempted to read. ‘Help’ may be the wrong word, but they certainly joined in
with proceedings.

Me: What will you do today?

(coughing) I shall continue my search for suitable gifts. And
you darlin’?

Me: I have Andromeda to contend with still. I should type up my notes
for the column – or continue with my tarot design.

Shall I let you begin?

Me: Only because the landlady’s here – I don’t like doing necromancy
when people are awake in the house.

(coughing) I know darlin’.

Me: Love you H – have a good day.

Source: Tales of Necromancy

by cnkguy
December 2018 #576

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