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December 2018 #575

(Apologies for the hiatus. Back now and up and running…)

(coughing) Darlin’, that you?

Me: Yes. I don’t know how long I have.

I understand.

Me: Also the cats are rioting.
I’m hoping they don’t knock over my coffee.

Kits can be terrors with the wind up their tails.

Me: How have you been?

Well enough, thank you. I’ve taken walks, stayed warm, eaten
when hungry and slept when fatigued. I am, in short, a paragon.

Me: Ha! What are you up to?

(coughing and lighting a cigarette) Today I’ll write to L
and M and enquire after their health and Christmas. I’ll also write Aunt P and
apologize for putting her to the trouble. No doubt I’ll write my mother and the
rest too. And you darlin’?

Me: I’m not sure – tarot card drawing maybe. I desperately need
to put more content into the editorial column. And of course there are chores.

Could not a sorceress employ spirits to aid her in her

Me: There are lords of hell who can help with geometry, but I
don’t know of any who do the washing up. Technically a house sprite, but I
dunno whether Hawai’i has those.

Must they be native to the island?

Me: No, but it seems harsh to ask a thing to drudge for you and
commute across the pacific to do so.

(smiling) I see – a sorceress ought be a thoughtful

Me: Yes.

You alright darlin’?

Me: Yeah, just regretting cutting my hair and my neck. Dumb
things I do whilst upset, no.2301.

No one is ever sensible when desperate to greet the dawn
with their soul in tact

Me: I suppose not…. How do you always manage to be so
understanding and philosophical about it?

It’s not that I do not care or that it does not pain me. But
I’ve met a lot of folk-

Me: Shit – I have to go – I’m sorry.

Source: Tales of Necromancy

by cnkguy
December 2018 #575

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