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too-cynical-for-20 submitted:

Not my story, but it happened to my dad when he was about 13.
He and a few friends used to be into the paranormal. Ghost hunting and such. So they had a bunch of stuff-he won’t say what was all in this backpack they had, but one of the items was an old Ouija board that his friend had found in the basement of their house. His reasoning behind not telling me about what was all in the bag was if I then decided to experiment with these items and gather them all together. He doesn’t want this to happen again, and he hasn’t touched paranormal stuff since. Won’t even let me have a Ouija board.
It was a warm, sunny day in mid July or so, in Winneconne, Wisconson. Humid, muggy, totally cloud free. Dad and a few of his friends were getting ready to spend that night in the town’s haunted house, so they had this backpack with all this stuff in it at their friends house. They were at the house alone, parents were at work or whatever. They had to run down the road to the store, about 5 blocks or so away, so they just left all the stuff there.
They weren’t gone for more than half an hour dad said, and when they got back to the house all they could see through the windows and doors was pitch black, complete darkness. They opened the front door and it was just inky black.
Dad put his hand inside the door to his elbow and couldn’t see his hand. He said it felt like he’d stuck his arm in a bucket of icewater.
The kids all freaked and just left. Came back a couple hours later and everything was normal, except for the backpack. He said it looked like a dog had torn it open and everything was broken or scratched to bits, except for the Ouija board. He and his friends buried it in the middle of a woodsy area and my dad hasn’t touched anything paranormal since.

James: 8/10 Oh that is pretty nuts. Pretty decent call on burying the ouija board. Thank you for sharing the scares!




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