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melochite submitted:

When I was a child I lived in a large house that often freaked me out. I was left alone for long periods of time where my sick Mother would take the bus to see a Doctor. I didn’t have a lot of kids my age to play with, but I did have one playmate.


I’m not sure exactly when I made this ‘imaginary friend’ but I remember clearly that he was a tall figure of a man, no features depicted on his face, and his body was entirely black. That was how he earned his name; he was made completely out of darkness.

We never talked outside of my strange dreams where I would be in my house where a party would be taking place. The guests would be odd creatures like lion heads on human bodies. My Mother remembers Dark the best, saying that I would ask for Him to be invited to the dinner table or point to the thin air and tell her He was standing right there. For some reason, I can’t remember any of this. I only remember that his existed and he was my friend.

After a while she got tired of the whole charade and since my Mother is Christian she rebuked Dark and told him never to return. I haven’t seen Him since that day.

Fuck Yeah Moderator James: 7/10  This one is very strange and I like it a lot.  It’s also very troubling.  Children are weird.  Thanks for sharing your scares!




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