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Dancing on Clouds Happy New Year everyone! It’s been a bit…

Dancing on Clouds

New Year everyone! It’s been a bit since I’ve blogged, but that’s only
because of the holidays and I also started on a new venture in my life.
Of which I am very happy about! Cheers to starting off the year right!
Yeah, me!

with that all in mind I’ve been “cleaning” up the old and making room
for the new. Which actually makes for the perfect segue into my latest
meditation session.

was a short interaction with this new ghost. I heard the calling from
my spirit to go “up”. And for those of you who have not read my other
entries let me catch you up. When I hear/feel “up” that means I go to
what I like to call “Cloud City”.

I arrived to the clouds and passed through the veil I was welcomed by
the feeling of warmth and a sense of ambition. A certain feeling of
“keep it light” came to me.

came to find myself somewhat floating above the white marble pathway,
clouds drifted here and there as I moved along. Then as I began to
wonder if anyone was around I came across a ghost. What was eye opening
about this ghost was that it was a male energy of whom was tap dancing.
Yup, straight up tap dancing. And he knew how to do it, like straight up
Fred Astaire or Gene Kelly vibes. I had a sudden pull of feeling his
passion in his current state. He was incredibility happy.

The ghost continued to dance as I approached him slowly. He hadn’t taken noticed of my presence yet.

“Howdy.” As I come closer

immediately stopped. And it was as if any white noise was gone. He
turns his head to me slightly tilted and squints. His eyes are frosted
white and he cocks his head to the left as he moves closer to me. He
then smiles wide at me, crooked teeth and all.

“Mcalister is the name…Alex Mcalister…how are ye?” he asked me

“Oh well, I guess I’m doing alright, got a few new things floating about in my life, how about you Alex?”

He smirks at me.

“Ah, I know you…you’re one of those.”

“What do you mean? I don’t understand.” Confused I look more deeply at what he is showing me appearance wise.

can see he is wearing a black and white tux with tails and has what
looks to be like dancing or tap dancing shoes on. He also seems to bare a
deep scaring above his collar. He has white and gold glitter inter
woven into the appearance of his clothing. This to me is then an
indication of whom the spirit likes to be in his human form from when he
was on our Earth. This I believe makes them feel like it gives me
comfort. To see them or him in this “form”.

look back at him and to his frosted eyes: “So, sir? Please tell me of
what you are insinuating, what do you mean I am one of those?”

called me, or at least something like me. *pause* You seek ambition and
a plan, you’re hungry for it, you also ask if you can maintain a sense
of happiness while trying to accomplish the many things you want to
accomplish, tell me I’m wrong?” he says to me smugly

I take a moment and see what he speaks is truth.

are right without a doubt sir…I guess I just want to know that I can
accomplish keeping my balance of happiness while taking on new and more
things in my life…I had a problem with this in the past and always let
happiness go to the wayside…”

“Take this from me when you ever think that…Though I may be dead in your eyes, I still dance.”

“You mean though you’re dead, you can still live? Because dancing is life?”

He smiles sweetly to me : “You got it.”

that my friends is what it is all about. Some of you may be wondering
what in the hell does that mean? My interpretation is this: though what
you see in your eyes may be a negative there will always be positivity.
So in my case I asked if I will still be able to maintain self happiness
in my new ambitions or goals. And the answer is yes! There will always
be a negative way to look at it all, but when you really look past that
you can find the positive.

Source: Lonely Ghost Stories

by cnkguy
Dancing on Clouds Happy New Year everyone! It’s been a bit…

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