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Dad’s New House

Anon Submitted:

When I was about five or six years old, my parents finalized their divorce and moved into new houses. My mom, who had custody of me, stayed close to where we had lived before, but my dad moved almost an hour away to Camano Island off the coast of Northwest Washington. I visited him every other weekend.
At first, I was really excited to be moving to an island, because I thought I would get to see whales and dolphins on the beach, and when I first visited my dad’s new house, it seemed great because it was in the middle of a big forest with lots of room to play. That first day I was there, most of the stuff was unpacked from the move already, but the bedroom my dad had picked for me was still empty, so I had to sleep on the couch.
Nothing had felt especially weird that day, but anyone who has slept in a house in a forest can tell you that it gets really, really dark. It was pitch black outside when my dad finally went to bed. There were no curtains up yet, and there were two big windows on one side of the living room and a double door to a balcony/porch on the other side, and those doors were mostly made of glass, so no matter which way I lied down on the couch, I could see the dark outside. On top of that, the living room opened up on the third side, from which you could basically see the rest of the house in the day time or with lights on, but in the dark it was like a cave. It was really creepy, and I was really afraid of the dark at that age. Needless to say, I started to hate going to my dad’s house, because it meant sleeping in that scary living room. Nothing ever felt safe or welcoming there, and it was always cold. Even in the summer when it was warm outside, the house would be freezing.
One night, I must have had a hard time sleeping (more than usual) because I remember sleeping in my dad’s room, which he didn’t normally let me do. His room wasn’t much less creepy than the rest of the house– it had big glass doors to another porch too, and windows all along one wall. I remember falling asleep, and then being sort of half awake when I saw something in corner of the room next to the side of the bed I was sleeping on. It was gray and fuzzy looking, like it was hairy, about the size of a basketball. It turned around on its own, really sharply. It was an old man’s head, grinning at me. It had sparkly black eyes and a big mouth, and it would have looked totally human if it hadn’t been disembodied, sitting in the corner of my dad’s bedroom. It started to open its mouth and move towards me, and then I remember a feeling like being jolted awake, even though I hadn’t felt like I was asleep or dreaming. I was crying, but my dad would have been mad if I woke him up, so I just sat in bed with a pillow over my head until morning.

Fuck Yeah Nightmares Mod James: 8/10 Okay that head really caught me off guard.  Nice.




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Dad’s New House

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