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conperani-tf2-stuff submitted:

There was this one time that me and my family went to Las Vegas for a vacation. Now, I know what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas is a rule about these sort of things, but I’d still like to share it.

It was when I was about 6 years old or so. Our family, my dad, mom, older brother, and I, all went to Vegas just to relax and play around for the weekend. The day passed us by as we went to a few shows and such. We originally had made a reservation at Caesars Palace, but they apparently lost our room. We got a refund and a new reservation at this hotel called Terrible’s. Despite the name, it wasn’t that bad of a hotel. We checked in, set down our luggage,  and unpacked for the night. My mom and my dad decided to go see this play or something with a few friends they made earlier in the day. They left me and my brother in the hotel room and pranced off into the night. We booted up the N64 in the room because we were bored, and played a bit of it. 

While he was playing it, the lights turned off by themselves. I screamed, but my brother payed no attention to me. The T.V. shut itself off, but my brother kept twisting the control stick. And there we sat for what seemed like forever in the darkness. Suddenly, the light to the bathroom flickered on. I thought it was my parents back from their play and rushed to hug them for comfort. What I found was a woman wearing very Amish like clothing standing in front of me. She was brandishing a very large knife and had a look that paralyzed me. The two of us stared at each other for a good few seconds before she raised her arm with the blade. Her arm lurched forward for my body as I closed my eyes and braced for the hit.

It never came. I woke up on the bed, sitting upright. I was panting and I was in cold sweat. My parents were asleep and so was my brother. I cautiously went to the bathroom to confirm that what I had was a dream and nothing more. The bathroom was empty. I sighed and went to wash my face at the sink. That’s when I saw it. A dark patch of skin in the middle of my body. I stared at it with wonder. It looked like something went through that part of me.

Something like a knife. 

Fuck Yeah Nightmares Mod James: 9/10 I think you know why the hotel was called Terrible’s.  Thanks for sharing the scares!




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