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Crybaby Bridges Crybaby Bridge is the nickname given to several bridges all over the United States….

Crybaby Bridges

Crybaby Bridge is the nickname given to several bridges all over the United States. This nickname is usually linked to an urban legend or ghost story about baby cries that can be heard coming from the bridge, which are usually linked to a baby or young child being killed nearby or in the river running below.

Monmouth, Illinois

There are several ghosts linked to the bridge north of Monmouth town. According to legend a young unwed mother threw herself off the bridge with her week old baby in her arms. Since her death people have reported hearing the cries of a baby on the bridge.

They were not the only drownings at the bridge. A few decades ago a school bus full of children fell into the river during a flood and all of its occupants died. Their ghosts have been sighted on the bridge by distressed drivers whose cars have broken down on it. The children have been known to help push broken down cars until they are safely off the bridge.

Blue Clay Falls, Indiana

There are multiple Crybaby Bridges in Indiana but the most well known is that near Blue Clay Falls. There have been many strange happenings on this bridge. People have reported hearing knocking coming from either side of the bridge, foul odors waft through the are, small hand prints appear on cars and both the cries of a baby and its mother.

Alderson, Oklahoma

The Crybaby Bridge in Alderson is linked to the story of a woman who was repeatedly raped by her father. She became pregnant by him several times and every time she would throw the unwanted baby off the bridge. Local residents have reported the sounds of babies crying underneath the bridge late at night.

Governor’s Bridge Road, Maryland

Legend states that a woman and her baby were murdered on the bridge in the 1930′s. It is also said that in the early 20th century a young woman drowned her baby in the river to avoid judgement by her family and peers for becoming pregnant when unmarried. It is said that if you park your car on or near the bridge a baby can be heard crying and sometimes a ghost car will creep up behind yours but it will disappear when you turn around to look at it.

Westminster, Maryland

The cries of multiple babies have been heard from the bridge on Adams Mill Road. This is due to the river being used by the KKK to drown black babies in the 1800s.

Pageland, South Carolina

One of the oldest Crybaby Bridge in the USA which is so well known that the river under it is called Crybaby Creek. A young mother lost her baby in the river during a late night accident on the bridge. The sounds on this bridge are not limited to the baby crying but also the cries of the mother. Several people have witnessed seeing her ghost still searching for her baby up and down the creek.

Source: My Haunted Salem

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Crybaby Bridges Crybaby Bridge is the nickname given to several bridges all over the United States….

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