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Creepy Hand Candle Reveals Ghastly Surprise Inside!

We know you’re tired of sitting around bored on Halloween with the same old decorations you or your parents have had sitting in a basement box for years.

Yes, the bloody hand, the skeleton hand, the one minus fingertips, blah bah. Like, it doesn’t even glow, so what’s the fun.

Ok, we’ll give you a hand here (get it?) and heat up your Halloween with fancy flames–as you set a hand on fire. (Just imagine that..and wince.)

No, we don’t mean a real hand, of course. (What kind of people do you think we are?) We mean the kind of hand you can find on Etsy (yes, Etsy is even good for people who like a little creep in their life–we bet you never knew).

A creep-tastic seller by the appropriate name of CreepyCandles has just what you need–candle hands. Want to watch flesh melt away? No, not real flesh, but wax flesh. As the wax on the candle burns, it gives way, giving the hand a ghoulish look indeed.

Underneath the flesh? A skeleton hand. You got it. Three candles in one that do a whole lot or morphing right before your eyes. If you don’t want to fork over the cash for the hand, make one yourself! Check out the video below.

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Creepy Hand Candle Reveals Ghastly Surprise Inside!

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