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Crappypasta Round-Up for, uh, June 2016

Some things have come up over the past few weeks that have kept me slightly busier than usual and a touch distracted. Unfortunately, the Crappypasta Round-Ups slipped my mind – I guess I haven’t fully built the habit of creating them quite yet!

So as a mea culpa to the authors who didn’t get their time to shine in the weekly/biweekly round-ups, today I’ll eschew posting a new pasta in favor of just posting this massive round-up. Please do me a great favor and go give these authors some attention and feedback!

Also, just as a reminder (or heads up for anyone who wasn’t aware): Crappypasta now has a “Video Critiques OK” tag, which functions just like the main site’s “Video Narratives OK” tag. If you have a video channel/tumblr/etc dedicated to constructive criticism of Creepypasta, the authors of the stories in this tag have given permission for their works to be used in that specific fashion.

However, you must link back to the post and give credit to the author. Additionally, if the author changes their mind or asks you to remove the video, please be a good person and concede to their wishes. Have fun!

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Creepy Pasta

by cnkguy
Crappypasta Round-Up for, uh, June 2016

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