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Courthouse Security Camera films Ghost

Lincoln County Courthouse

Courthouse Security Camera films Ghost

Courthouse Security Camera films Ghost

Officials in Wiscasset, Maine are still puzzled over this footage of what appears to be a ghost moving through their courthouse.

The footage was filmed in 2011 and was found after workers there where checking out some problems with the courthouse security cams.

It all happened in the Lincoln County Courthouse which has a history as long as Maine has been a state. The county sheriff said that the court house once had jail cells, and at one time prisoner were hanged there.

The cameras are motion sensitive so than they only start recording if something is moving in it’s field of direction.

At the time of the recording the courthouse was closed and nobody was in the building, plus it was daytime so that rules out the possibility of someone shining a flash light through the window.

As well if someone had broken into the building it would have set of the alarms.

So what was it? Employees there have plenty of theories and stories to tell but no answers!




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Courthouse Security Camera films Ghost

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