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Cornfield Child

Anonymous Submitted:

My mother grew up in a rural and quite remote Greek village surrounded by mountains and pine trees and she has never spoken to me much about her childhood days–this is the reason why:

My grandmother (mom’s mom) would wake up at dawn and head out to the corn fields working there til very late at night, since the family was large and mom was the smallest child my grandmother would take her to the fields as well sometimes to watch over here and make sure she was safe. One summer night, grandmother left mom in a small opening amidst the rows of corn to go fetch some water from a nearby stream. Mom was seven years old and she distinctly remembers a shadowy figure moving through the corn holding out a small doll made of corn leaves to her. Mom got up and started walking towards the figure who seemed to wave the doll just out of reach. She was just about to catch up to the doll when my grandmother returned, hoisted my mom over her shoulder and ran out of the fields as quickly as her legs could carry her.

Mom remembers that as they ran she could hear the wind loudly roaring in her ears even though it was a still night. Later on, around the time my mom was twelve she asked grandmother to tell her what she had witnessed in the fields that night. Grandmother revealed that the figure holding the doll was most likely the spirit of a little girl who had lost her way amidst the corn and was never found…the only proof that she had indeed died there was a small doll made out of corn leaves…

Let’s just say that when I visited mom’s village I stubbornly refused to set foot inside the corn fields at night.

Fuck Yeah Moderator Gracie: 5/10 What an interesting story thanks for sharing good thing your grandmother came just in time, Ugh I hate corn fields ever since in elementary school and i read the story Harold in Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark its made me scared of them.Thanks for the chills!




by cnkguy
Cornfield Child

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