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Connecticut’s Most Haunted: 7 Haunted Places in the Constitution State

An old road, an abandoned sanatorium, a former mine turned prison. Connecticut is full of haunted places. Here are seven of the most chilling.

Union Cemetery – Easton

Often described as the most haunted cemetery in America, Union is home to the White Lady, an infamous ghost that leaps in front of cars and floats among the historic graves. Famed paranormal investigators Ed and Lorraine Warren wrote a book about Union Cemetery, but the White Lady isn’t only spook. A male spirit with glowing red eyes also calls the 400-year-old graveyard home.

Abigail’s Grille & Bar – Weatogue

Formerly Pettibone’s Tavern, Abigail’s Grille and Wine Bar is reportedly haunted by Abigail Pettibone, an unfaithful whaler’s wife who met a bloody end at the hands of her husband. Employees and guests have seen apparitions they attribute to Abigail, as well as strange things like candles that light themselves and furniture that moves on its own.

Seaside Sanatorium – Waterford

Seaside Sanatorium was originally built to treat children suffering from tuberculosis. Throughout the years, Seaside also served as a hospital and a home for the mentally impaired. The sanatorium is now reportedly haunted by the patients who perished there. Paranormal activity includes orbs, EVPs, and lights in long-abandoned parts of the old hospital.

Remington Arms Factory – Bridgeport

remington arms factory haunted

Remington Arms was once one of the largest munitions factories in the world, employing over 17,000 workers during World War II. However, competition grew and business slowed, forcing officials to abandon the factory in the late 1980s. The site was once plagued by muffled screams, disembodied voices, and furtive whispers, but is now undergoing extensive renovations. Will the ghosts stay on?

Gardner Lake – Salem

In 1895, the LeCount family attempted to move their two-story house across the frozen lake. Unfortunately, the ice cracked, and the family was forced to abandon their home and the heavy items inside, including a piano. No one was killed or injured during the attempted move, but now divers and fishermen report hearing faint piano music coming from below the lake’s surface.

Old New-Gate Prison – East Granby

Once a copper mine and then a prison, old New-Gate is reportedly haunted by the men who died there. Some died in the mine, others in the prison, but today visitors report hearing moans, screams, and disembodied voices. This photo shows what appears to be a little girl staring out of a second-story window. Ghost or regular child?

Downs Road – Hamden

Downs Road once connected the towns of Hamden and Bethany, but is now an narrow trail through the woods. Legend has it this abandoned road is home to a number of monsters and spirits, including ghostly children and a beast known as the Downs Road monster. Visitors report hearing screams and seeing shadowy figures on the road.



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Connecticut’s Most Haunted: 7 Haunted Places in the Constitution State

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