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Hartford Conservatory

The Hartford Conservatory was one of the nation’s oldest performing arts schools and is rumored to be haunted. Witnesses have described a door being slammed, a light that won’t stay turned off, classical music being played on a piano, and an apparition of a woman in a Victorian dress. The site was featured on an episode of TV’s Ghost Hunters.

Norwich State Hospital

Norwich State Hospital

The Norwich State Hospital mental hospital has seen more than its share of suffering, and senseless tragedies. So it comes as no surprise that the grounds are purported to be haunted by the tortured souls who were sent there for treatment but instead found eternal pain.
The original building was built in 1904 on 100 acres along the Thames River on a site that apparently was an ancient Native American village. Named the Norwich State Hospital for the Insane, it originally was comprised of two buildings for patients and a cottage for staff. Over the years, more building were added and the property was expanded; at its peak, the campus was over 470 acres and included over 30 buildings, many of which were connected by underground passage ways. The hospital’s population started with a few dozen patients declared by the courts to be “criminally insane,” and increased over the years to the point that at times there were hundreds of patients ( drug addicts, violent offenders, murderers, etc.) being “treated” here throughout most of the 20th century.

The first documented death of a patient was in 1914 by hanging, but many more deaths would follow. A hot water heater explosion in 1919 killed two employees; another employee was killed trying to cross the road; a nurse’s suicide at her home; multiple patients died during their sentences or while undergoing treatment. Still more died shortly after release following a “successful” stay, usually in violent manners.

The worst place was Salmon Hall, which was the maximum-security facility, where some of the most dangerous residents were kept. It was one of the hospital’s original buildings, it was essentially a prison with bars over the windows, steel doors and cell-like rooms. It bore witness to many severe incarcerations and terrible events, finally shut down in 1971.

The hospital was officially closed in 1996 and its remaining patients were transferred to other facilities around the state. Since then, the grounds and former stately buildings have sat vacant as the state of Connecticut and the town of Preston have struggled to resolve what is to be done with the property.

Because of the many tragic and untimely deaths, most people believe the property to be haunted. It seems a good spirit-hunting ground as essentially every kind of paranormal experience has been allegedly seen here, reports of ghostly shapes and disembodied voices to foreboding feelings and EVPs. And yes plenty of spirit orbs and other unexplained mists/shapes have been recorded, too.


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