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Closed Door

Anonymous submitted:

Anon please!

When I was younger (around 9 I think), there was like a year or at least several months when I lived with my grandma (I don’t want to get into why). She had an old, small house that for some reason had a huge basement, it almost seemed bigger than the house on top of it. Anyways, the house made a lot of creaking sounds.

One night, I woke up sometime in the early morning and started hearing footsteps. I thought they were my little brother and got out of bed. For some reason, when I stood up, I thought he made his way down to the basement. I had no idea why I was so brave, maybe my half-asleep self is just filled with courage. So I went down to the basement, which is normally loud cuz that is where the washing machines are and the old water heater and all those applicances. But I just remember it being really, really cold, like the middle of winter cold, and absolutely silent. It was then I began to feel more awake and more afraid. And when I was at the bottom of the stairs, I heard a high-pitched giggle, like from a little kid, right next to my ear. I yelled and fell down trying to escape, and then I heard the basement door slam.

I kept yelling and screaming until my grandma came to fetch me a couple minutes later. She told me I was having a nightmare.

That is still the scariest thing to ever happen to me and now I hate basements.

James: 9/10 Thanks for sharing the scares! I hate giggling ghosts. Thanks for sharing the scares!




by cnkguy
Closed Door

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