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City Under One Roof

arielsoceangrotto submitted:

I live in Alaska and we have this big abandoned military building in a town a few hours out. During the big earthquake in 64 the building was flooded and broken apart- some spots there’s a big 1-3 foot gap in between sections of the building.

The building was nicknamed the city under one roof because it was literally that. Inside was shops, restaurants, a jail, a hospital, a radio station, a theater, a gym, a swimming pool, a garage, apartments, etc. It was 6 stories above ground and 2 basement levels. Inside the building there are random tunnels that lead to different areas in the town as an escape if they ever needed. It’s really a remarkable building with a sad ending.

Because the town’s only access points are by boat or by a tunnel through the mountain that can only fit one lane of cars or one train, they never tore it down or repaired it because it was too costly.

When you first step inside the building you get an overwhelming sense of sadness and you can hear the screams and see the people trying to stay alive and trying to escape death. But the longer you’re in the building, the worse it gets.

Once the sadness is finished breaking you down it becomes quiet. Too quiet. You can hear any sound echoing through the building and then the darkness slowly creeps in and weird things began to happen.

You’ll see terrifying creatures roaming around and coming after you before they disappear. You’ll hear strange loud noises but nobody will be there. You can take a picture in a pure black room and when you look at the image you’ll see random things that weren’t there. (I’ll submit a picture next of that one) and you lose each other easily.

We wound up being split into two groups. We walked into rooms across from each other but then we couldn’t find each other. My friend stepped outside one of the rooms we were in to answer her phone but when she stepped back in we weren’t there. We stepped into a room across the hall but she said she searched there and walked around alone for a bit but couldn’t find us so she went back outside and went to the car.

The group I was in finally found the other group. We went upstairs into the elevator room. This is where we split up again. Eventually I got bored exploring the elevator room and went to catch up with the other group but they were gone. I searched up and down the room but couldn’t find then so I went back to the elevator room but that group was gone too. I kept looking for then and eventually realized the only way for them to have left that area was the same way I went, they would have had to have walked past me. But they were gone. And I never saw or heard them.

I finally found a lit area near a window leading to the roof and sat there waiting for someone. When they came past looking for me they told me they stayed in that area the whole time, they never moved. But we couldn’t find each other.

It started getting too creepy for us and we left. A few of my friends had the eery feeling something followed them home and for weeks after experienced nightmares and strange things happening at home. Needless to say, we never went back.

Fuck Yeah Nightmares Mod James: 7/10 Really cool setting, very spooky stuff!




by cnkguy
City Under One Roof

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