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npdking submitted: 

when i was a little kid, i had an imaginary friend named cindy. now, cindy was great but she always had a new appearance when i saw her. somedays she was pale and with light hair, others she was dark skinned and with a fluffy afro. the one constant was her eyes. they were all white. everything. they never creeped me out because she was my best friend.
now i never really questioned my best friend, but my family is a bunch of superstitious mexican catholics. my godmother, who we will just call tía m, practices brujería (witchcraft). the problem with this is that she worships death. cindy hated my tía m. i could never go to my tía’s without cindy begging to go home or she said she would be a bad girl if we didn’t.
one day, my tía n invited us to her large house with a pool. my tía m can’t swim and has a fear of water so she simply had her feet dangling in the water. i swam up to her about to ask her why she didn’t come in since i was just a 5 year old kid that didn’t understand her reasons.
next thing i know, my mom is dragging a shaking tía m out of the pool. i lost all my memory as to what happened, but according to my family, i grabbed my tía m’s foot and dragged her into the pool with sudden strength. my tía m kept screaming at me, but she kept screaming “leave! you don’t belong here, demonio! ¡eres uno con el diablo!” (the last part is you are one with the devil). my tía m’s fear of water has increased after that incident.
i have a lot of stories about cindy and what she did, but that one always gets me on edge. though the strangest thing now is when she visits me in my dreams, she knows i’m trans and calls me damian.
nobody in my family knows i’m trans so i have no clue where she found out. or why she won’t leave me alone even though i’m 15 now and have moved houses 5 times or so. how does she always find me?

FYN James: 8/10: Wow yeah, that is quite the imaginary “friend.” Thanks for sharing the scares!




by cnkguy

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