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Chicago’s Haunted Water Tower

The Chicago Water Tower is one of the oldest buildings in the Windy City. Is it also one of the most haunted?

Located on Michigan Avenue, the Chicago Water Tower was one of the few buildings to survive The Great Chicago Fire of 1871. Though flames destroyed more than four and half miles of the city, the Water Tower remained untouched and soon became a symbol of Chicago’s resilience in the face of adversity.

The Hanging Man

According to local legend, a worker was manning the water pumps when the massive fire swept through the city. As the flames drew closer, the dedicated man refused to leave the building, instead choosing to operate the pumps. Soon, however, the heat and smoke became too much to bear, and the man hanged himself rather than submit to the flames. Though there is no official record of the man, locals say he is behind the tower’s paranormal activity.

Today, both tourists and locals report seeing a man’s shadowy figure hanging near the building’s upper windows. One group of tourists was so concerned they flagged down a police officer for help. Though the officer also saw the hanging figure, he found no one in the building when he went to investigate.

A Mysterious Phone Call

Because the Water Tower is a historic icon, the building is open to the public for tours. While exploring the building, many visitors reportedly feel a sense of dread or uneasiness. Occasionally, orbs will appear in photos. Some people have even been touched by an unseen entity.

The strangest event occurred in the late 1980s when The Water Tower was under renovation. One night, the Chicago Fire Department received numerous calls from the old building. There was just one problem. The phone service had been shut off during the renovation. No one knows how the calls came through, or who or what was doing the calling.

The next time you are in Chicago, be sure to check out some of the city’s haunted places. If you tour the Water Tower, you may even get a visit from a resident of Chicago’s past.



Ghost and Ghouls

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Chicago’s Haunted Water Tower

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