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Cemetery Walk

@rabbitmodern Submitted:

The scariest thing that ever happened to me was on a walk with my sister and her boyfriend. we were in the cemetery (I know, I know. but it’s quite a nice place to walk and not too far from my house) and I split up from them for a while to walk my dog around the bend at the bottom of the cemetery while they went along the top. when I got back to them, however, they both looked a little uneasy, you know? like something had kind of spooked them a bit, so I asked them what happened and apparently a woman had come up to them about 10 minutes after I left (keep in mind, it was a little before closing hours and we didn’t see anyone else in the cemetery the whole time) and just stopped right in front of them in the middle of the path, muttering ‘my leg, my leg’. obviously my sister and her boyfriend are worried and they’re asking her if she’s okay, but she literally just stares kind of spacey-into-the-distance and keeps talking about her leg. eventually my sis and her boyfriend give up and keep walking, she’s not responding and she’s just walking off so they assume she’s okay. but then, apparently only about 2 minutes before we met up again at the entrance, my sister and her boyfriend hear a faint whistling behind them (kind of like someone’s calling to a dog) and then ‘my leg, my leg.’ they turn around and she’s fucking there, holding her thigh again and kind of still doing that weird spaced out thing. she’s acting exactly the same as last time, walking up to them, repeating ‘my leg, my leg’ then just walking back down the path. they’re freaking out a bit so they rush to come meet me, and while we’re walking out and they’re telling me the story, they stopped and asked the guard by the gates if he’d seen an old, possibly injured woman come past here, and he said that apparently according to the rest of the guards, we were the only people in the cemetery between those 40-50 minutes we were there. not too creepy, sorry, but thinking about it still gives me shivers. it was a very eerie thing to experience

Fuck Yeah Nightmare Moderator Gracie: 3/10 While not scary it is creepy and eerie I’m assuming it was a ghost since the security guards didn’t see anyone else. Thanks for the chills 




by cnkguy
Cemetery Walk

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