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Camp Ticonderoga Bar & Grill in Troy,…

Camp Ticonderoga Bar & Grill in Troy, Michigan:

#CampTiconderoga #Bar & Grill in #Troy, #Michigan was originally constructed in the 1820’s as a private residence by Henry and Elizabeth Blount. The old #farmhouse was passed down throughout several generations of the Blount #family until it was purchased for use as part of the Sylvan Glen #GolfCourse in 1924. It was opened as the #Camp Ticonderoga Bar & Grill in 1996, and is rumored to be #haunted by the #spirit of a former resident who committed #suicide. According to employees, her #ghostly figure is often seen late at night when the #restaurant is mostly empty, and is said to be responsible for a variety of #paranormal phenomena, such as doors slamming shut by themselves, and lights flickering, or being turned on and off by an unseen #entity.

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Source: Ghost Quest USA

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Camp Ticonderoga Bar & Grill in Troy,…

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