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melodyyy15 submitted:

Basically this is a short story told to me by my mum, although it didn’t happen to her it happened to her brother.

When her brother was 16 he and a bunch of his friends decided to do a ouija board and set up a load of cameras to see if they could capture anything in a photo. They managed to make contact with a spirit and asked if they could photograph it. It said no but they decided to try anyway. Well when one of them stood up to take a picture the bulbs in all the cameras smashed one by one in a domino affect. She said her brother and his friends all ran out of the room as quick as they could and that none of them used a ouija board again.

James: 6/10 Your uncle and his friends have GOT to be smarter than that, but good on everyone there for not trying that shit again lol. Thanks for sharing the scares!




by cnkguy

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