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Preston Castle, California

National Hotel, Nevada-City

The Nevada Exchange Hotel

Nevada City, California became a town during the Gold Rush years. Gold prospectors come to the area along Deer Creek and staked a claim in 1849 just a year after the find at nearby Sutter’s Mill, which started the California Gold Rush.

The town’s first hotel, saloon, stagecoach stop, and mail center was called Bicknell’s Block. The original building burnt down and was rebuilt. The new building eventually became known as the Nevada Exchange Hotel and it has an interesting history and is claimed to be haunted.

One female ghost has been seen in the hotel’s bar area and restroom. It seems she owed a man some money, unfortunately for her she refused to pay him. One night this man broke into Room 48 and hid in the closet so the story goes. When the lady returned to her room he slit her throat. She still haunts this room even today.

Another ghost seen at the National is that of a little girl named Elizabeth, it is said she died of a childhood illness, probably mumps while staying in a room on the third floor. Many guests at the hotel have claimed to have felt her presence in Room 78. Strange knocking noises have been heard in this room. Elizabeth is seen playing and running in the 3rd floor hallways.

Yet another ghost seen in the hotel is that of a man. He is seen wearing black pants, a white shirt and a black vest. He is seen walking up a staircase. Witnesses have followed him and they said they saw his profile clearly but then he just vanished.


Winchester house

Winchester Mansion

Is the Winchester Mansion really haunted? You will have to decide that for yourself, although some people believe it is.

There have been many strange events reported at the Winchester House over the years and they continue to be reported even today. Dozens of psychics have visited the house and most have come away convinced, or at least claiming to be convinced that spirits still wander the place. Besides the ghost of Sarah Winchester, there have also been many other sightings throughout the years.

Employees and visitors to the Winchester House have had unusual encounters there. Some have heard footsteps; banging doors; mysterious voices; windows that bang so hard they shatter; cold spots; strange moving lights; doorknobs that turn by themselves, as well as many psychics who have their own claims of phenomena to report.


Brookdale Inn and Spa

Brookdale Inn and Spa

From 1922 to 1945 the lodge was operated by Dr. F. K. Camp, a Seventh-day Adventist physician and a strict prohibitionist. Camp had built the magnificent Brookroom, a dining room that encloses a natural stream flowing thru its center. The lodge became very famous and was known as the second best retreat in California. The Brookdale played host to many Hollywood stars, prominent families, foreign diplomats, and even a U.S. President. Famous persons visiting Brookdale Lodge included: Mae West, Marilyn Monroe, Tyrone Power, Joan Crawford, Rita Hayworth, Hedy Lamarr, and President Herbert Hoover. The lodge was also became famous for its first rate entertainment, attracting the best band and dance groups of that era.

Shortly before he died, Dr. Camp sold the property in 1945 to A. T. Cook and W. G. Smith. In 1951 it was re-sold to a a group of San Francisco businessmen and then to Barney Marrow, who also owned the Brookdale Inn across the highway. It was during the ’40’s and ’50’s that the lodge entered its most iinteresting period, becoming a home for gangsters and the likes. It is said that there are secret rooms and/or passageways built underneath the lodge and even some rumors that bodies may have been hidden there. To date all these rumors are unconfirmed and no one has spoke of ever finding any of these passageways.

Tragedy befell six year old Sarah Logan, the niece of the lodge owner, when she fell into the creek striking her head on a stone and drowned. It’s her ghost that is most often seen at the Brookdale Inn. But Sarah’s isn’t the only watery death at the lodge. In 1972, a 13 year old girl drowned in the kidney shaped pool above the mermaid room forcing its closure. The Mermaid Room is underneath the pool and there is a window on which you can see underwater so while sitting in the Mermaid Room you can observe swimmers in the pool.

Over the years there have been many sightings of Sarah Logan. She is usaully seen in a white and blue dress walking through the lobby or standing near the fireplace between the lounge and Brookroom. She has also been seen playing on the balcony of the Brookroom, and other areas off limits to visitors and guests.

Some have said that they have been approached by the crying Sarah and sked if they could help her find her mother. As they turn to look for the little girl’s mother, Sarah vanishes. The owners of Brookdale Lodge have also seen Sarah running about the lobby. From their description, little Sarah was, “very clear, like a whole person” and wore a 1940’s style formal dress. She ran silently thru the lobby for about five seconds before disappearing. It is rumored that the owners have hired several priests and psychics to try and rid the lodge of these spirits.

The niece isn’t the only ghostly activity visitors to the lodge have experienced. In the Mermaid Room guests have been hearing voices, the sounds of clinking glasses, and soft music when the room was empty. The jukebox located here has been said to turn itself on and off when nobody is near it.

A ghost of a woman, has been seen walking around the area of the brook, Psychics speculate that she is the mother of Sarah Logan looking for her daughter.

People have also felt cold spots, presences, and even being touched by unseen forces in the Pool Room.

The sounds of doors slamming and footsteps are often heard in empty rooms. They are mostly heard from the second floor conference room. It is said that psychics have identified one of the ghostly inhabitants as a lumberjack by the name of George, who worked at the location back when it was the lumber company.

In the 70`s the old cabins were demolished and replaced with motel rooms. Room 46, now known as room 2009 is said to be the most haunted.

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