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By the Lake

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Okay this is sort of long, but here it goes.

Around 2009 or 2010, I had gone to the lake one morning with my friend and her two young daughters (I think they were something like 5 and 3 respectively).  It was a somewhat early, foggy autumn morning and when we got to the lake, there were only about two or three other cars in the parking lot.  As we walked around a bit, the only other people there we saw were adults; couples and such.  

My friend, Jennifer, had brought a disposable camera and was taking pictures of things.  Her oldest daughter had asked if she could take some pictures.  I called her a “little photographer” and she started crying, because she didn’t know what a photographer was and thought I was calling her a frog.

As she was crying, Jennifer and I were both trying to calm her down by explaining to her that I didn’t call her anything bad.  Then we notice a little girl standing just a few feet in front of us.  I immediately noticed how oddly she was dressed for the season and the decade in general; she had on a white dress, not stark white, but a dingy white, and a red sweater.  She had on white socks and black mary jane type shoes.  She also had a scratch under her right eye.  I noticed all of this, but nothing seemed weird at the time.

The little girl asked why Jennifer’s daughter was crying, and I don’t remember what we responded with, but then we took her daughters to use the restroom.  Naturally, the little girl followed us in.  She walked down to the last stall in the bathroom, went in, and started singing a song that none of us were familiar with.  I don’t remember hearing her actually going pee or anything.  I just remember the singing.  I started feeling kind of weird at that point.  Jen and I exchanged sort of uneasy looks and I, laughing nervously (it happens), said “I’m just gonna wait for you outside.” and she tried to quietly stop me but I left.  In retrospect, that was kind of mean.

So I went outside, and noticed that some of the cars had left, meaning even less people were at the lake.  It was just our car, and one other car in the parking lot.  Then Jen, her two daughters, and the little girl came out of the restroom and Jen looked really uncomfortable.  Jen tells me that the little girl kept talking to her while they were in the bathroom.  When Jen asked why she was alone, the little girl had said that her mom and brother were on the walking trail and that she was waiting for them.  That was weird to us, since it was an early morning in the middle of fall with nobody around.  It just didn’t make sense to us that a little girl would be alone.  Then the girl said to us “It’s my birthday tomorrow.  I’m going to be eight.”

Nothing the little girl said was creepy in itself, but there was something about the her that made us uneasy.  So we started to tell the girl that we had to go. She asked us to stay longer, and for some reason, we felt the need to lie to her.  We told her we had to go to work, which we didn’t.  Then she asked “Who is going to take care of your girls?”  And Jen said “My mom will.”  And at this point, we’re sort of inching away from her.  The little girl then asked “Can they stay with me?”  And Jen said “No, their grandma will watch them.” And the little girl started almost begging that the girls be allowed to stay at the lake with her.  She was very insistent on it.  

Finally, we tell her that we really do have to go, and we start walking away.  The little girl starts walking in the same direction, but then Jen says “Hold on, take a quick picture of me and the girls before we go” so I did.  And as I was taking the picture, the little girl walked past us and over towards this little playground.  The playground was completely within my eyesight the entire time.  But at some point, the little girl basically vanished.  She wasn’t at the playground, and she wasn’t anywhere that we could see.  And honestly, we were able to see in all directions for quite a distance and the little girl was nowhere.  No people or cars had left in that span of time either.

Jen and I were astounded.  We walked over to the playground to try to see…well I don’t know what we were expecting, but we had to go over there.  There was nobody there.  All we found was a pile of small rocks covered with a tissue.

So we booked it back to her car at that point, because everything about the setting and the experience was creepy.  Of course it would happen on a foggy autumn morning.  So Jen got out the keys and unlocked the car.  The locks went up for only a split second before going back down again.  No matter how many times Jen tried to unlock the car, the locks would just lock themselves again.  Finally, I timed it just right and was able to open the door in the brief moment of un-locked-ness before the locks went down again.  I managed to let everyone in from the inside, and Jen put the girls in their seats, and the key in the ignition.  But when she tried to start the car, all of the lights flashed; blinkers, headlights, all of them.  They flashed and the horn honked maybe four times rapidly before Jen started the car.

She called her mom before we left, and her mom said it sounded like it was a spirit that was lonely and wanted the girls to stay and keep her company.  I suggested to Jen that it might have been something a bit more sinister, and maybe I shouldn’t have said that, but I did.  We were silent the entire drive home.

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By the Lake

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