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Bunk Bed

Anonymous Submitted:

My brother whose about two years younger than me have shared a bunk bed for over a decade now. When we were younger, he used to try to spook me by grabbing my leg after I turned off the light and when I was climbing up the ladder. Now he’s been off at college (I’m on the quarter system so I start after he does) and I’ve had the room to myself. But one night, things felt different. I’d been used to not sharing a room with my brother, and this felt different from that usual different. Like I wasn’t completely alone. After I turned off the light it almost sounded like something on my brother’s bed was breathing. I thought it was just the wind or my imagination. Nonetheless, I turned the light back on and there was nothing. After I turned it off again, I waited before heading to the ladder. I was on the second to top rung when I felt a cold, small hand grab my ankle.

I screamed and fell off after the hand released me. I scrambled on the floor to the light switch and flipped it on. There was nothing.

I lay awake on the couch that night.

FYNK James: 8/10 Simple but very effective! Thanks for sharing the scares.




by cnkguy
Bunk Bed

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