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Buchanan State Forest

puddleofglitter submitted:

When I was 13 my family and I lived in what is basically a section of the James Buchanan State Forest in Pennsylvania. A one story home in the middle of the woods on a small hilltop. On the night of my 13th birthday my parents let me have a friend over to spend the night while they went out, it was around 9pm when we started hearing strange things outside. Knocks, rattling, and taps on our large windows. We tried ignoring it and turning up the movie we had on, but the noises only got louder and louder until finally I heard something slamming on our windows in the dining room. We both got up to look and saw this pale, elongated face with the sharpest fangs I’ve ever seen grinning at us from outside. It felt like it lasted hours, the staring match between us and it. Finally when I snapped out of it I ran for the front door to check the lock and this creature seemed to have the same idea. I could feel the doorknob rattling so hard it should’ve snapped off. My friend was screaming and crying while I ran to our back door, only barely beating the creature to it. It felt like the weight of a full grizzly bear slamming up against the other side. I ran back to the living room and my friend had grabbed our house phone to call the police and all the while this thing was pounding it’s hands on the windows in front of us, bearing it’s teeth, screaming and making a choked cackling noise. Eventually I guess it got tired of our crying and screaming at it to go away because it did, and finally the police arrived. They never found fingerprints or footprints outside, not human ones, but they did find urine and blood splattered in my mother’s flower beds. The screens on all our windows had been torn to shreds and our doors were scored with claw marks. I had always believed something was out there in those woods, and I still do. Be wary of the Buchanan State Forest.

James: 8/10 Ooh, that sounds really strange and frightening. It’s not everyday I find a monster like this in the inbox. Thanks for sharing the scares!




by cnkguy
Buchanan State Forest

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